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Spoil your hair (care)


(English below) Sponsored by Farouk Systems  and Colour Expert Helen Lucca

If you like me, want looooong, soft hair, without the feeling of dryness I gotta say – My products from Chi are amazing! My hairdresser Helen coloured my hair before I moved to Dubai, and as always, I was a little afraid because I don’t wanted the sun to light it and dry it out. But these products here actually protects the hair from getting messy from the sun. Like with our face we always needs to be protected from the sun, the same with our hair. My hair is sooo long, and I can’t stop touching it because it’s so soft and i’m really really happy with it. More than ever!

Hvis du ligesom mig, rigtig gerne vil have langt, lækkert, blødt og glansfuldt hår, uden følelsen af hø og tørhed må jeg bare sige – At produkterne jeg har med til Dubai er fantastiske! Helen præsenterede mig for dem da hun har dem i sit værksted hvor hun udøver alle sine kreationer med hår, og jeg kan ikke få armene ned. Sidst jeg rejste og Helen havde farvet mit hår mørkt og lækkert var jeg ret øv over at solen som jeg er voldsom hernede ret hurtigt lysnede mit hår lidt, og jeg anede faktisk ikke at man kunne få produkter som rent faktisk beskytter mod det. OG så dufter de fantastisk! Produkterne her sørger for at bevare din lækre farve, samt at dit hår ikke bliver udtørret af solens stråler. Jeg kan ikke få armene ned! 

The products from Chi I use in the shower is // Produkterne fra Chi som jeg bruger i badet er ↓


Rose Hip Oil Shampoo – Protecting shampoo with antioxidants, vitamin c, and rose oil – Prevents colour loss while increasing shine and vibrancy

Rose Hip Oil Conditioner – Protecting shampoo with antioxidants, vitamin c, and rose oil – Prevents colour loss while increasing shine and vibrancy

Color Treatment Rose Hip Oil Recovery Treatment – For a healthy hair you need a caring treatment a couple times a week, and this is my hair mask/treatment. It’s crazy how soft the hair gets, and I love the soothing smoothing feeling after. Sometimes I sleep with the mask, and I gotta say.. Wow!

A couple times a week instead of the Rose Hip Oil Conditioner I use ↓

Color Illuminate Conditioner in the color #CoffeeBean – Witch actually colours my hair a little, it keeps my color intensive and fresh. It comes in different colours.

After the shower, in the styling process // Efter badet skal vi til styling processen ↓


Keratin Silk Infusion (smells amazing!) – A keratin and silk complex oil – A couple of drops in your hand palms, and work it through your hair, you haven’t tried soft before you try this little lovely thing here.

Pliable Polish – Weightless styling paste, who will remove all the fuzzy frizzy things about your hair and smooth it all out and together. You can also mix a couple of drops with the oil above, work it into the hair and there’s smoothness everywhere!

Color Nurture Dry UV Protecting Oil – This one is crazy! It’s a dry oil spray with uv protection witch will protect your hair all day from the sun and the light, so it won’t get damaged or dry. It puts a layer of protection and nice smelling shine, and enhance your hair color. Now that I’ve met this thing, I can’t live without it. This is my finish!

All the products from Chi, are not tested on animals, they are paraben and sulfat free and smells like a summernight in paradise

If you have any questions about your hair and how you can get the hair you cant stop thinking of, don’t hesitate to contact the freaking amazing colour balayage, ombre, everything expert Helen who saved my hair! Even from Dubai no one else can touch this hair, before I visit Denmark and Helen again :-D 


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  • Sofia Saidana

    Hej Emma :-)
    Dem kan du få fat på hos den skønne Helen Lucca, i hendes lille fine værksted hvor hun laver vilde hår forvandlinger! På studiestræde 8a inde i indre København :-) Du kan også skrive til hende på pop@helenlucca.com

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  • Emma

    Hvor køber du disse produkter?


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