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Hello Sofia’s followers, greetings ͅ. I feel so privileged to be a guest writer on this amazing blog today, Sofia has been a great inspiration in my life from the day we met and I’m excited for our one- of a kind friendship to continue blossoming.

I want to share part of my personal story with you, I know a lot of you are interested in personal development and it really is a major principle in creating the life you want and deserve. I have been living in Dubai for almost a year now but was born and raised in London, England. When I was 12 years old, July 2006 to be precise, I visited Uganda (where my parents are from) for the first time. As far as I knew, I was only going to be there for the 6-week summer holidays with my mum and would
return home after my 13th birthday, to start Year 10 in secondary school.

To be completely honest, I was a heavy truant and was spending more time gallivanting the streets and buses of South London than I was ever at school. My parents were sincerely worried about not only my education but also my safety and unbeknownst to me had already decided that I will complete my secondary schooling over in Uganda.

So, towards the end of my “holiday” my Dad broke the news to me over the phone, that I will be going for an interview at an international boarding school. I was shocked, upset, perplexed, I begged and pleaded my innocence whilst promising that I will go to school every day and stop hanging out with random older thugs- LOL!

I begged and cried but with no avail, the decision had already been made. The first few months were the most challenging, my mother went back to London after settling me in to my new home “Taibah College School” and it really did feel like Me myself and I, in a whole new world.
In the beginning, I isolated myself a lot and would hide in my bunk bed as often as I could. Some of the other students made a huge effort with me and I soon discovered I was not the only one who had been “shipped” from London to go to school here.

I met some amazing people from so many different backgrounds and some shared a similar story to mine, so we’ve held this unique bond till this day, almost 10 years on. Nonetheless, every school holiday I would commence a new plead to bring me back to London but by the end of my 1st year it finally sank in that I wasn’t to return until I completed my GCSE’s. One again, to be completely honest, I was depressed a lot of the time and felt abandoned. The amazing friends I made got me through the experience and it ended way better than it started. In January 2008, I randomly succeeded in convincing my Mum to change my school (just for the sake of change) and started “Vienna College Namugongo”. This was another whole new experience, a bit of a wild one, again I made great friends and memories for a lifetime.

I had to learn to adapt as quickly as I could breathe as almost everything I experienced in the 2 years I spent in Uganda was completely alien to my upbringing. We hand washed clothes and had electricity blackouts, early morning and evening study sessions, dancing on the field on the weekends. It was a plethora of new experiences, which I learnt to love and understand that they have 1000% molded me in
to the person I am today. During the school holidays, I would stay at my Grandma’s place, with my 2 aunties and 4 cousins. I returned to London in June 2008 and have kept promising to come back and visit my family and friends in Uganda ever since.

When I do finally go back there (hopefully this year, I promise), I know for sure it’s going to be completely different to what I remember. My two closest guardians were my Grandma and Auntie Anne, both of whom have passed away and are now my guardian angels, resting in eternal peace. Some of my friends are now married, some have children, others have migrated to new countries to study, work or start
businesses. It will be bitter sweet, but the memories in my heart are eternal. Challenges are now something I’m fond of, I thrive in adversity and can adapt to almost any environment. I love getting to know new people and hearing their stories and I believe doing so helps us
grown with more compassion. Sometimes I still have this temperament to isolate myself and I must remind myself that when going through challenging times, if you just open up and talk to people or someone at least, you’ll find that you are not alone and friends are there to support you, emotionally at least.

When you travel and are out of your comfort zone, there is no option but to adapt and as you do this, you are evolving! New skills, new people, new places can only help make a better and new you.

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