For your inspiration – These are my TOP products which I use daily as an investment in ME. Because it makes me feel good about myself, and that is an investment I can’t ignore ♡  

◆ C9 vanilla ◆ 
9 days with full focus on kickstarting my health, body, and motivation.
I use C9 every 3 month from the Forever FIT programme. Read more about C9 in my Forever shop here. You can also join my open facebook group for more information about being my FIT client right here.

◆ F15 vanilla ◆ Beginner | Or Intermediate
This is what I use for my everyday health, it’s the perfect programme to use after 9 days with C9, for you who wants to find the chilled balance between cake and health ;-) For you who wants to live healthy and invest in your body, or for you who still have a longer process towards a lighter and happier, more confident you. This programme is “called” 15 days but…
I don’t count my days, I just start “over and over again” – In other words, this is what I use daily to keep me motivated, healthy and full of energy, and I’ve never been more balanced when it comes to my own journey.
If you’re all new to health, fitness and a more active lifestyle I’d recommend you to start with F15 beginner, and later continue with Intermediate.
If you already do workout, are living an active lifestyle, and know some of the basics about health and nutrition, then i’d recommend you to start with F15 intermediate.

◆ Aloe Vera gel ◆ Original | Or Cranberry
When it comes to spoiling your body, it’s hard to get enough. In many years I heard people talk about the amazing benefits from drinking Aloe Vera gel, but I didn’t really believe it, before I started myself. I start my day every morning with 1 aloe vera shot, and 1 mk shot. The benefits from the aloe plant goes many thousand years back, when it comes to sunburns, wounds, skin irritations og skin problems, and this is just some of the few things the aloe plant is known for.
So think about what it can do for your inside.

◆ Forever Ultra ◆ Vanilla | Or Chocolate
This is a delicious supplement to a healthy lifestyle. Forever Ultra is made from soyaprotein and fits perfect for everybody who wants to add proteins, vitamins and minerals in your daily life.
I like to use mine as a meal replacement when i’m on the run, or after a good workout. You can mix it with water or low fat milk, like we normally do with shakes og you can style it up and make a delicious shake. I like to drink this wonderful shake in the morning as my breakfast or in the night as my healthy low fat dessert.

1-2 dl frozen blueberris – 1 scoop Forever Ultra Vanilla – Cinnamonn – 3 dl low fat milk
Blend it all, and drink up. But… Watch out, it’s like an addiction ;-) Thank god it’s a good one!

◆ Mk shots ◆
This shot of organic oil and the super berry aronia is not allowed for anyone to underrestamate ;-)
This has made a big difference for my skin, my energy and with the right fats, the body will be more able to loose fat. I kid you not. This is an organic combination of nutrition for weightloss, energy, skin, and digestion that I personally take to times a day.
1 shot in the morning with my breakfast. And 1 shot in the evening – It also helps if you’re having a “sweet tooth”!
Oh yes. I’ve been using W oil + Aronia N for the last 2 years and can’t live without it.

◆ Make me shine ◆ 
Organic green tea with citrus flavour.
The perfect combo for a delicious morning tea instead of coffee, or because you want to spoil yourself with the benefits you get from green tea leafs. Green tea are filled with antioxidants and I drink 2 cups daily.

◆ Warm me ◆ 
Relaxing tea with ginger, lemongrass, licorice and peppermint.
I love to drink this in the evening, where I try to do my relaxing ritual every night. If I don’t priorities to take some ME’time around 1 hour before I go to bed, the chances for a sleepless night with to many thoughts in my head are big. Like REALLY big! So one of my best advices if you, like me – easily are having troubles with your sleep is to make a night ritual where you take the time to do whats good for you, and what relaxes you, so you mind and body know when it’s time to leave the day behind and go to a good night sleep. And this is my absolutely needed relaxing tea before bedtime.